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Po Delta Park: sandy islands and mouths of the River

It is a must-do for those who love being inside natural environments. The route includes all the important touristic sites, a walk over the sandy islands (Po di Goro, Po di Gnocca, Isola dell’Amore) and also some less popular routes which are, nonetheless, even more fascinating (Sacca degli Scardovari zona veneta).

Lunch on board deep inside Delta’s wilderness.

Departure 9:30 a.m. from Porto Garibaldi. Boarding at 9.00.

Departure 9.45 a.m. from canale Logonovo (booking required)

Excursion details

-Sailing along the coast so that you can spot the big mussels farms “the mussels’ sowing”

-Entering into the mouths of the river Po and sailing through the most important river branches of Goro e Gnocca

-The Po di Goro, Isola di Mezzanino and la Vecchia Lanterna are two environments that entirely express the dynamic life of the river system.

-sailing thorugh the canals which connect Po di Goro and Po di Gnocca. An amazing moment for you to admire the Atlantic ocean from a different angle and also the marine fauna in its natural environment.

-Po di Gnocca.

The human being and Delta’s wilderness meet themselves. In 1951 Delta began its transformation and changed Polesine’s life completely.

-Break for a quick walk over the scanni (Isola dell’Amore or Isola dei Gabbiani)

-Break for lunch on the laguna deep inside Delta’s wilderness.

-Sailing back to our starting point and “seagulls show”

Do not forget to…

For this trip you do not have to wear any specific clothes, but we do suggest you to bring…



-binoculars and camera


-summer clothes


-sun cream

-binoculars and camera

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